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Familyplus' mission is to bring an awareness of the recommendations of God, the Creator Himself, who ordained the family and gave it His blessing. We spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a practical outreach to homes about the Christian faith and the importance of the family. We provide information to local churches that will equip them to foster the institution of family. Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit according the Holy Bible in I Corinthians 12:4.

The ultimate purpose in living is to know and glorify God and to attain eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, beginning within our own families and then reaching out to a suffering humanity that does not know of His love and sacrifice.

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"My wife, Tola, was 20 years old, and I was 24 years old when we got married. This was just few months after graduating from our various Universities. We knew we love each other, and are willing to spend the rest of our lives together. The journey just started. Having our first daughter 2 years later was a big change to our lives. There were more things to know and do for us than just love. We have God as our anchor. We also needed someone who has the experience and patience to help and support us through the journey of life. Our marriage is over 25 years now, and we give God the glory. Come and join our life lessons' meetings. It will enrich your marriage, family and parenting skills." Olu and Tola Owolabi


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Ways to inspire your wife. Family fun night? Any idea. Communication is key. Signs you're falling in love.
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